Summer Closure is over! Our doors are open!

Thank you for your patience as we completed these necessary projects. We also thank the intrepid employees of Island Athletic Club for their hard work during Closure.

Examples of projects completed this Closure:

  • Repainting of the entire Club interior
  • Resurfacing of the men’s locker room floors (wet areas)
  • Resurfacing of pool decking
  • Sanding, re-painting and refinishing of strength equipment
  • Deep cleaning of all equipment and surfaces
  • Repair and patching of parking lots

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We did it—1,000,000 calories burned!

A HUGE thank-you to the 183 riders who participated in this year’s Million Calorie Burn. We passed the mark in Nick’s class on Thursday morning, April 27th, finishing the challenge in ONLY 71 DAYS!

You may recall that our challenge was to beat last year’s Burn, which took 77 days.

As a result, Island Athletic Club, Useless Bay Coffee Company, and Bayview Bicycles will now donate $1,000 total to the Forgotten Children’s Fund. (Those three sponsors would’ve donated a total of $500 had we not eclipsed the 77-day mark.)

In addition, Island Athletic Club members generously “purchased” over $400 in calories, which will be added to the total donation to the Forgotten Children’s Fund.

To celebrate, we’ll throw a Million Calorie Bash on Thursday, May 18, at Revolution Cycling Studio. Anyone who attended a cycling class during the Burn is invited! More details are forthcoming.

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Million Calorie Burn UPDATE

As of 4/25/17:
We have burned a total of 951,071 calories!
That leaves only 48,929 calories to go!
It looks like we will reach our goal this week…ahead of schedule. Which means things look real good for The Forgotten Children’s Fund. If we complete the task in 76 days or fewer, the sponsors (Useless Bay Coffee Company, Bayview Bicycles, and Island Athletic Club) will donate a total of $1,000.

And please, join us at our blowout bash to celebrate the MCB on Thursday, May 18, at Revolution Cycling Studio!

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Million Calorie Burn starts February 15

Our annual Million Calorie Burn starts Wednesday, February 15, at Revolution Cycling Studio. Join us as we burn calories, feel great, and raise money for the Forgotten Children’s Fund.

This year’s fundraising co-sponsors–Island Athletic Club, Bayview Bicycles, and Useless Bay Coffee Company–have pledged to donate a total of $500 to the Forgotten Children’s Fund upon completion of the Million Calorie Burn.

But if we reach 1,000,000 calories in fewer than 77 days–that’s how long it took us last year–the donation will increase to $1,000! Please join us for as many classes (and calories burned) as you can, and help us double the donation!

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Spotlight on: Irene Christofferson

On January 11, 2017 Irene celebrated her 96th birthday with us in high style.  After a surprise serenade from Shifty Sailor Jim Lightner, we presented her with 96 cupcakes–to enjoy after her FIT class, of course.  Over cupcakes and coffee, Irene reflected on her 17+ years as a member, and called the celebration the “happiest day since her wedding!”  She recounted the story of how she turned losing one of her most prized possessions while gardening–a diamond ring featuring not only her engagement diamond, but one for each of her children–into a lifestyle upgrade.  Rather than replace the ring, she decided to put some of the money towards a membership for herself and her husband at Island Athletic Club.  Since joining in 1999, Irene has visited the Club a whopping 3,566 times, and is a beloved regular in Lila’s FIT class.  She and her late husband Chris were both members of our “Free Dues Club,” (now enrolling those 90 and over), until his passing at the age of almost 92.  When asked about the secrets to her sprightly longevity, Irene sites good chocolate, shredded wheat, white wine, and Island Athletic Club.  Cheers to you, Irene!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

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Holiday Hours

Christmas Eve we will close at 1PM, the pool will have a modified schedule and closes at 12:30PM

Christmas Day:  Closed all day

New Year’s Eve:  8AM – 6PM

New Year’s Day:  Closed all day

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Pool Closure

The pool is open!

Repairs are complete, the water is sparkling, and the pool is open!

We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience as we completed this maintenance project.

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