A HUGE thank-you to the 183 riders who participated in this year’s Million Calorie Burn. We passed the mark in Nick’s class on Thursday morning, April 27th, finishing the challenge in ONLY 71 DAYS!

You may recall that our challenge was to beat last year’s Burn, which took 77 days.

As a result, Island Athletic Club, Useless Bay Coffee Company, and Bayview Bicycles will now donate $1,000 total to the Forgotten Children’s Fund. (Those three sponsors would’ve donated a total of $500 had we not eclipsed the 77-day mark.)

In addition, Island Athletic Club members generously “purchased” over $400 in calories, which will be added to the total donation to the Forgotten Children’s Fund.

To celebrate, we’ll throw a Million Calorie Bash on Thursday, May 18, at Revolution Cycling Studio. Anyone who attended a cycling class during the Burn is invited! More details are forthcoming.

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