Massage –  Liz LeSure, Jodi Briscoe, & Kristine O’Kelly, LMTs

Massage is an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle.  Click here to schedule your next appointment or give us a call at 331-2582.

We welcome both members and non-members to the massage table.

Massage TypeSingle Session Cost4-session Prepaid Program Cost8-session Prepaid Program Cost
30-minute$50$180 ($45/session)$344 ($43/session)
60-minute$80$288 ($72/session)$544 ($68/session)
90-minute$120$432 ($108/session)$816 ($102/session)
15-minute Chair Massage$20
30-minute Foot Soak, Scrub, & Massage$50

liz endres

Liz LeSure

Liz loves to customize each massage therapy session to her client’s individual needs. She uses deep tissue massage to ease tension and release trigger points, using hands and forearms to promote relaxation and improve circulation and flexibility. Her goal is to facilitate relief from pain and stress lasting far beyond the session itself. With several years of experience, her training includes Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, prenatal massage, Swedish massage, and deep tissue techniques.

What Liz’s clients say:

“She is a dependable, gifted, skilled professional. She always asks for an update on trouble areas before the massage session begins. She is very gentle with my delicate neck. She also does excellent foot work. My feet have never felt better. I highly recommend Liz! Every session is a slice of heaven.”

-Denise F.

“As someone with fibromyalgia, massage has been a cornerstone of my health care routine for many years.  It helps effectively manage my joint pain and maintain mobility.  I have found Liz LeSure to be very responsive to my condition, and she quickly learned how best to meet my needs.  She offers a pleasant atmosphere (with lovely aromatherapy if you like!), caring demeanor, and a thoroughly professional manner.  I highly recommend both massage in general, and Liz in particular.”

-Barbara K.

Liz LeSure, LMT:  WA License #MA60199573

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Jodi Briscoe

Jodi believes strongly in the natural healing abilities of the mind, body, and spirit of each person.  Her goal is to enhance the lives of others by creating positive change though therapeutic touch.  She uses elements of Swedish massage, deep tissue, myofascial techniques, passive stretching, and acupressure. Her intention is to achieve stress reduction, increased mobility, and relief from pain/discomfort.

Jodi Briscoe, LMT:  WA License #60083607

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Kristine O’Kelly

Kristine has studied many of the fundamental massage modalities over the last eight years, and has spent time abroad in Thailand, Myanmar, Bali, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal experiencing, learning, and incorporating diverse techniques learned through these travels.  Kristine enjoys offering whatever modality best suits the client and attempts to cater her massage to each individual’s needs by creating a relaxing, safe, and healing environment.  Her philosophy is based upon the partnership between the client and the practitioner working together to unravel areas of tension, working towards pain relief and positive equilibrium.

What Kristine’s clients say:

She greets you with a smile and she lets you know she is there for you. All of your aches disappear with her magic hands!!!!


Sometimes when I start a session with Kristine I have specific problem areas to ask her to work on. She pays attention and incorporates some extra effort into those areas. Other times as she is working her
way around me, she finds spots that I had either forgotten to mention, or didn’t realize had tightened up.
In our first session I initially thought her focused on a light touch “feel good” massage that might not have the therapeutic value I was looking for. I was wrong. She starts with a light touch, but eases her way into a deeper massage releasing the knots and relieving the muscle soreness.
I always leave our sessions feeling a little lighter on my feet, with a more comfortable relaxed range of motion as I go through my daily routine. I have recommended her to my friends and bought my mother in law a gift certificate for a session with her.

–Debbie S.

Kristine O’Kelly, LMT:  WA License #MA60232126

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Massage and Exercise

by Liz LeSure

As we get older, our muscles and joints become more susceptible to damage from “wear and tear,” so stretching and proper warm-up and warm-down become more important when you exercise. Regular massage is beneficial as part of your self-care program, including regular exercise with a proper warm-up and cool-down phase, choosing a low-impact version if needed, adequate gentle stretching, and drinking plenty of water.

Strenuous activity such as taking part in athletic events, or sporadic exercise without warming up, can tend to shorten the muscles and may even cause micro-tearing of muscle fibers. Massage stimulates the circulation and stretches muscle tissue, helping muscles recover faster and more completely. If you include regular massages as part of your self-care program, they can help you remain free of injuries.