FitLife Club Network


A wonderful benefit for members of Island Athletic Club is our association of independently owned clubs in the Northwest.  We participate in the Fitness-to-Go program as follows:

FitLife Fitness-to-Go Guidelines

A member of a FitLife club must obtain a FitLife Fitness-to-Go card from their home club and have it signed and dated.  This card is valid for a maximum of 2 weeks at another FitLife club at least 30 miles from the home club.  After each 2 week period, another card must be obtained from the home club.

  • The Fitness-to-Go reciprocal use program is designed to benefit the member who travels occasionally on business or vacation. It is not intended for students living away from home, members who move temporarily, or long distance daily commuters.
  • The Fitness-to-Go card entitles member to FREE (unless otherwise noted) use of FitLife clubs beyond a 30-mile radius of member’s home club.
  • If you do not have a valid use card when checking in at the host club, you may be charged a $2 fee for phone verification of your active membership status with your home club.
  • The card is intended for sporadic use only.

For additional information and a full listing of FitLife Clubs, check out