Greetings Members!


As of June 5, we are happy to welcome back members over the age of 65, as the State has now allowed those individuals to visit fitness facilities like Island Athletic Club.  There are still several restrictions in place; these restrictions have been imposed by the State of Washington, and will hopefully be relaxed after just a couple of weeks. At the same time, the health and safety of our members and staff is of paramount importance. We will not resume regular dues charges until more of these restrictions are lifted in later phases of reopening.


A quick recap of user groups and areas of the facility not permitted per state mandate during Phase 2 , as of June 5, 2020:

  • No guests, children under the age of 14, or day pass users will be permitted.
  • The pool, spas, saunas, steam rooms, showers, racquetball court, and locker room changing areas remain closed. Locker rooms are accessible for sink and toilet use only. 
  • Sweat towel service and loaner mat use is temporarily suspended. 
  • Drinking fountains are closed. Beverage, snack, and coffee service are suspended at this time. The touch-free water bottle fill station remains open.  

Here’s how these next two weeks will look for those who participate. Please review this information carefully. These policies, many of which are required by the state, are subject to constant review and may be changed by Club management as necessary. 

  • Anyone who has COVID-19, has recently been exposed to, or is experiencing common symptoms associated with COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter the facility. 
  • Club use is by appointment only to existing, eligible members.  
  • Members may reserve one-hour time slots to use the fitness floor or attend a class for a prepaid fee. These appointments are $10, including tax, and can be scheduled and paid for on our “Book an Appointment” page.
  • Members must arrive dressed and ready to work out without personal effects (including bags and purses–please carry your keys on your person). Locker storage, changing areas, and showers are not available at this time per state guidelines. 
  • One-hour fitness floor reservations include the use of the cardio machines, strength machines, and free weights.  Members will exercise under the friendly supervision of an IAC Workout Host, who will provide a brief safety orientation and ensure that members remain safely distanced throughout their workouts.  Hosts will be either IAC personal trainers, member service staff, class instructors, or Club management, and are here to help make your visit as safe and easy as possible.
  • A limited number of Group Cycling, BodyPump, Yoga, & TBC classes will be offered for groups of up to five at this time.  In-person classes are limited in Phase 2, please be courteous towards other members when reserving your spots. 
  • Our livestream classes will continue, and are transitioning from Facebook to Zoom as we move closer to a more comprehensive re-opening.  (You will receive another email soon with more information on that).
  • To comply with State reopening guidelines, all members with prepaid appointments will enter the Club in groups of no more than five individuals, which we have staggered to arrive at 20 minute increments. Book here.
  • Upon arriving, you will check in with our outdoor greeter, who will verify your reservation and confirm that you do not have a known exposure or any symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • You will then receive a short safety briefing from your designated Workout Host and will be given your own spray bottle of disinfectant and a cleaning towel to keep with you during your workout. At the conclusion of your workout–not to exceed one hour from your reservation start time–you will exit the Club through the clearly-signed side door below the TVs. 
  • Members may also book a 30-minute or one-hour personal training session. These appointments are $35 and $55, respectively, and can be scheduled and paid for online.  Discounted training packages are also available.
  • Club hours (and reservation availability) are as follows. These hours are available to all active & inactive members that fit the Phase 2 criteria, regardless of membership type: 
  • Mon., Weds., Fri. 6:00am – 2:00pm
  • Tues., Thurs. 1:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Sat. 8:00am – 12:00pm


Significant physical distancing and cleaning/disinfecting measures are now in place as part of our COVID-19 Safety and Mitigation Plan:

  • Machines and equipment have been reconfigured to allow for 6 feet or more of space between stations.  Some have been temporarily relocated or closed to make this possible. 
  • The Club has installed 9 new hand sanitizer stations and placed tape on the floor to direct foot traffic.  Entry and exit will be “One Way Only” at this time. 
  • All employees will wear cloth facial coverings or face shields.  We strongly encourage the use of masks by all members when not engaged in vigorous exercise as well.  
  • High-touch surfaces will be disinfected frequently, and deep cleaning will occur nightly.
  • We ask that members use their personal spray bottles to sanitize all surfaces before and after the use of each machine, and wash or sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Doors and windows will remain open, as weather permits, to provide for ample air circulation. 
  • The Club’s HVAC system has been equipped with MERV-13 filters, providing a high level of air filtration.

Clearly, Club use in these next couple of weeks will be very different than what we’re used to. Again, we hope that this Phase goes smoothly and quickly, and that many of these restrictions will be lifted when we move to Phase 3. 

We know you’ll have questions, and we’ll do our absolute best to get them answered in a timely fashion. We remain grateful to all of you for your continued support during this tumultuous period, and we look forward to a healthy and safe reopening process.




Island Athletic Club owners, management, and staff

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