We’re over halfway through the 2018 Million Calorie Burn! Since February 15th, 164 different riders have burned a total of 525,131 calories at Revolution Cycling Studio. That’s an impressive average of 13,819 calories per day. (In case you were wondering, that’s almost ten calories per minute for every minute of every day.)


Last year, it took us 73 days to burn 1,000,000 calories. Our challenge this year is to improve on that number…and as of March 26th, we are on pace to finish in 72 days. We need every calorie we can get!


When we hit 1,000,000 calories burned, Island Athletic Club, Useless Bay Coffee Company, and Bayview Bicycles will donate a total of $500 to the Forgotten Children’s Fund. If we can hit 1,000,000 calories in fewer than 73 days, we’ll double that donation to $1,000.


See you in class!

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