Testimonials – Lila Browne

“When looking for guidance in reclaiming health and vitality, Lila was the obvious best resource available at Island Athletic Club. I have been a professional movement educator for 35 years and bring a discerning standard for anyone on my personal health care team. I came with specific goals–strength, endurance, balance…and at the same time needing to manage the hazards of injury history, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and work stress. Whoever was going to be my guide had to be very smart, not just on the techniques of the training trade, but also have a wisdom to see the big picture. With her unique blend of expertise in exercise, somatics, and some of the best listening skills you will find in a trainer, Lila matches her clients so well, they own their workout experience. Exercise may be hard, but never boring, thanks to her creative way of mixing it up. Thank you, Lila!”

–Sari Spieler, Freeland


“Working with Lila is an ongoing delight. For the past five years, I’ve trained with Lila three times a week. Miraculously, I never get bored and neither do I get hurt. Having now achieved senior status, not getting injured is especially important to me. Lila is completely tuned in to my body’s capacity in any given moment, so I feel challenged without being pushed too far. Consequently, I remain energized in a sustainable way. Wahoo! Did I mention how much fun she is to be with?”

–Lynnaea Lumbard