Swim Lesson Program Descriptions

*Items listed in RED will be modified due to the shallow depth of our pool.

Parent-Tot class (children ages infant-3 years old)

The emphasis of this program is to help young children relate to the water with comfort, to build self-confidence and to have fun. Children and parents will sing songs and play games that introduce basic skills such as blowing bubbles, floating, and kicking. We require that one parent/guardian enter the water with each child. Children who wear diapers outside of the water must wear water diapers while in the pool.

Level 1:  Introduction to Water Skills –

The objective of Level 1 is to help students feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely.  The student learns elementary swimming skills including water adjustment, buoyancy, breath control, water entry and exit, and personal safety.  The goal of this class is to complete the following skills:

___Enter and exit water safely

___Fully submerge face-3 seconds

___Hold breathe and fully submerge head with or without support

___Front float with support

___Back float with support

___Blowing bubbles

___Kicking on front with support

___Kicking on back with support

___Walk in chest deep water alternating arms

___Bounce up and down in chest deep water -5x

Safety Skills

___Safety Awareness Skills

___How to get help

___Put on a lifejacket on deck and enter shallow water


Level 2:  Fundamental Aquatic Skills – 

The objective of Level 2 is to give students success with fundamental skills.  Students learn to float and glide on the front and back without support and are introduced to the arm action and kicking of the crawl stroke. The goal is to complete the following skills:

___Hold breathe and fully submerge head for at least 5 seconds

___Bob 5 times with head fully submerged

___Retrieve objects at arm’s length away

___Flutter kick on front

___Flutter kick on back

___Front float unsupported – 5 seconds

___Back float unsupported -5 seconds

___Front glide in streamline with or without assistance -2 body lengths

___Back glide with hands at side with or without assistance -2 body lengths

___Flutter kicking and winging on back and/or elementary backstroke arms

___Stroking and Kicking on front (4 arm strokes with kicking and face in water)

___Roll over from front to back

___Orientation to deep water 

___Sitting Dive

Safety Skills

___Safety Awareness Skills

___How to recognize a swimmer in distress

___How to get help

___Wearing a life jacket in deeper water


Level 3: Stroke Development – 

The objective of level 3 is to build on the skills in Level 2 by providing additional guided practice.  Students will learn to coordinate the crawl stroke with side breathing, backstroke, introduction to elementary backstroke, treading water, diving and safety rules.  The goal is to complete the following skills:

___Retrieve object, eyes open, no support

___Bob 10 times with head fully submerged in chest deep water

___Front glide with push off in streamline

___Back glide with push off, hands at side

___Streamline kicking on front (3-5 body lengths)

___Streamline kicking on back with support (3-5 body lengths)

___Coordinate arm strokes and kicking with breathing to the side (10 yards)

___Coordinate Backstroke (10 yards)

___Intro to Elementary Backstroke (arms/legs)

___Jump into deep water from side of pool, change directions and recover to safety

___Kneeling dive from side of pool

___Treading water (30 seconds)

Safety Skills

___Safety Awareness Skills including diving

___HELP in deep water with lifejacket

___Reaching assist to a distressed victim


Level 4: Stroke Improvement – 

The objective of level 4 is to develop confidence in strokes learned thus far and improve other aquatic skills.  Students will increase their endurance by swimming familiar strokes (elementary back, freestyle, back stroke) for greater distances than in level 3.  Students will also have an introduction to Breaststroke and dolphin kick. The goal is to complete the following skills:

___Deep water bobbing 

___Stride dive from a standing position

___Streamline kicking on front with pop up

___Streamline kick on back

___Freestyle with side breathing across width of pool (12.5 yards)

___Backstroke across width of pool (12.5 yards)

___Elementary Backstroke (coordinate arms and legs)

___Intro to Breaststroke (arms/legs).

___Intro to dolphin kick

___Swim underwater and retrieve object in deep end 

___Jump from side of pool into deep water, recover and swim for 10 yards 

___Tread water (45 sec.)

Safety Skills

___Safety Awareness Skills

___HELP position with a lifejacket

___Throwing assists for drowning and distressed victims


Level 5: Stroke Refinement – 

The objective in Level 5 is coordination and refinement of key swim strokes.  Students will perform the breaststroke and increase distances in the freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke.  Students will be introduced to alternate side breathing and flip turns.   The goal is to complete the following skills:

___Shallow racing dive

___Swim underwater in deep end (3-5 body lengths) 

___Freestyle with alternate side breathing

___Freestyle (25 yards)

___Backstroke (25 yards)

___Elementary Backstroke across width of pool (12.5 yards)

___Breaststroke (10 yards, coordinated stroke)

___Intro to Butterfly (arms/legs)

___Tread water (90 seconds)

___Intro to flip turns (forward somersault while swimming)

Safety Skills

___Safety Awareness Skills

___Put on a life jacket tossed as a lifesaving measure in deep water

___Huddle position with a lifejacket

___Survival float (30 sec.)

___Throwing assists for drowning or distressed victims


Level 6: Swimming & Skill Proficiency – 

The objective of Level 6 is to polish strokes, allowing students to swim with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances.  Students work to develop endurance by the end of this course.  The goal is to complete the following skills:

 ___Retrieve a 10-pound block at the bottom of the pool 7-10 ft deep.

___Swim 8 minutes non-stop with any combination of strokes.

___50 yards of freestyle, breathing every 3rd stroke

___50 yards of backstroke

___25 yards of breaststroke

___25 yards elementary backstroke

___12.5 yards of coordinated butterfly

___Freestyle Flip turn

___Kicking on side (right and left)

___Simple freestyle drills (1 arm and catch-up)

___Simple Backstroke drills (no arm, 6 kick and switch)

Safety Skills

___Back float 2 minutes

___Survival Float 1 minute

___Lifeguard Stride jump

___Throwing assist for drowning or distressed swimmers.


*Items listed in RED will be modified due to the shallow depth of our pool.