South Whidbey Stingrays – Swim Meet Information


Warm-up starts at 4:00 for all practice groups. The meet will begin around 4:20 and will end around 6:00. Swimmers do not need to bring their fins.

What will my child be swimming?

  • 8 & U: 25 yards of each stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), 100 yard Individual Medley (IM), 100 Freestyle
  • 10 & U: 50 yards in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and 25 yards in butterfly, 100 IM, 100 Freestyle
  • 12 & U: 50 yards in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, 100 IM, 100 Freestyle
  • 13 & O: 50 yards in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, 100 IM, 100 Freestyle (IM= 25 yards of each stroke in this order: fly, back, breast, free)
  • Super Swimmers are encouraged to swim at least 2 events and up to 3 events with coaches approval.
  • Bronze practice groups will swim at least 3 events but may swim up to 4 events with coaches approval.
  • Silver & Gold practice groups may swim up to 4 events with coaches approval.

Heat Sheets

A heat sheet will be sent out to families prior to the swim meet indicating age group, events, heat and lane assignments. The age group is determined at the time of registration. It is imperative that you contact Kristi Eager if your child will not be participating in the meet prior to the day of the meet unless circumstances prohibit advanced notification.

Disqualification Guidelines

We will be disqualifying swimmers who do not swim the stroke legally or do not execute the start, turn or finish of the race legally. If your child is disqualified please reassure them that this is a learning tool and it will only make him/her a better swimmer. It also helps to keep the races fair.


  • Swimmer must have one hand on the wall until the sound of the whistle


  • Swimmer must touch with one hand at each wall


  • Swimmer must touch each wall with two hands.
  • Swimmer may not use the flutter, dolphin or scissors kick.
  • Hands may not be brought back behind the hip line.
  • Swimmer must break the surface (breathe) with every arm pull.


  • Swimmer must stay or their back from the start of the race until the finish of the race.
  • Swimmer may use any part of their body to touch the wall as long as they stay on their backs.


  • Both arms must be brought over the top of the water simultaneously.
  • All up and down movement of the legs must be simultaneous. (no breaststroke, scissors or flutter kick).
  • Swimmer must touch the wall with two hands at each wall.

Walking on the bottom or pulling on the lane line for any event is not permitted.


Personal best ribbons will be given in each event that the swimmer has improved his/her time. If a swimmer improves in 4 events they will be given a FAB 4 award. Swimmers who beat a team record in their age group will be given a TEAM RECORD award and medal.

Swimmers individual time for each event will be posted in the pool area the following practice. An asterisk (*) next to their time indicates that the stroke was not performed legally. See disqualification guidelines. Awards will be given out at the practice following the swim meet.

Please encourage your child to keep their ribbons in a special place so they can monitor their own improvements and have goals for themselves.